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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Using the Eclipse Maven plugin for CXF
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 14:50:59 GMT

When you do the Import -> General -> Maven project when you have the m2eclipse 
thing installed there are several disadvantages:

1) As you mentioned, things like PermGen and other flags in MAVEN_OPTS are 

2) m2eclipse actually runs "mvn", thus, the default profiles are used.   In 
our case, that causes things like checkstyle and PMD to run whenever you 
update anything.   I asked the m2eclipse team a few weeks ago for a place to 
specify global profiles to activate (nochecks for us) to help that.  Without 
that, it's REALLY slow.

3) Even though it runs checkstyle/pmd, it DOESN'T wire their configuration 
into the eclipse builders/plugins.   Thus, you don't get the nice 
checkstyle/pmd warnings while you edit code.   

4) It also doesn't setup the warning levels and stuff that we kind of expect.   
If you do the -Psetup.eclipse thing and import the projects, all of the CXF 
projects should be completely warning free.   Very clean.   If you see a 
warning, it's either something you did or something committed recently.

With 2.1.x/2.2, you really only need to run the -Psetup.eclipse thing once to 
get the workspace setup and defaults in place.    After that, you can just 
run "mvn eclipse:eclipse"    The setup.eclipse profile mostly just make sure 
the checkstyle rules are installed into the workspace and sets the warning 
levels and such.


On Thursday 04 December 2008 7:32:35 am Glen Mazza wrote:
> Hi, I would like to update our Eclipse setup page[1] with additional info. 
> I noticed that instead of using mvn eclipse:eclipse command (or the
> -Psetup.eclipse parameter described on that page), there is an Eclipse menu
> File -> Import -> General -> Maven Projects option (at least for Eclipse
> IDEs that have the Maven plugin installed), which works just by choosing
> the root directory of the CXF download.
> As I can see, the advantage of importing CXF as standard Eclipse projects
> (i.e., mvn eclipse:eclipse) over importing as a Maven project is that
> IDE-builds, debugging and code-completion, etc. is not as good or even
> available with the Maven project import option.  Also, the Eclipse's Maven
> plugin apparently does not allow you to set MAVEN_OPTS parameters (it seems
> to ignore the already set environment variable for it), causing
> out-of-memory errors compared to running Maven from the command line.  Am I
> largely correct here?
> Thanks,
> Glen
> [1]

Daniel Kulp

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