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From "David Bosschaert" <>
Subject Getting the Distributed OSGi component out of the CXF sandbox
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 09:28:49 GMT
Hi all,

The DOSGi sanbox project is getting closer to being a fully functional
Reference Implementation of the Distribution Software (DSW) component
of Distributed OSGi (RFC 119).
The main thing that prevents it from moving out of the sandbox is the
fact that it currently uses a modified version of Felix. Distributed
OSGi depends on a new addition to the OSGi Core Spec: the Service
Registry hooks (RFC 126). It uses this to transparently notify any
registered Discovery systems of the OSGi services that consumers are
interested in so that these Discovery systems can register just those
remote services that make sense to the current application.
For this purpose, the modified Felix code in the CXF DOSGi sanbox
codebase contains the bits of RFC 126 that it needs to function. It's
not a full RFC 126 implementation though.

Felix itself doesn't yet contain an implementation of RFC 126 and my
understanding is that the project would potentially be interested in
our work regarding Service Registry hooks. Therefore one idea would be
to take our RFC 126 bits and submit them to the Felix project. We
should then ultimately be able to simply depend on Felix and all of
the DOSGi code will then be ready to move out of the sandbox.

BTW the latest builds of Equinox do actually contain an implementation
of the full RFC 126 specification, so the DOSGi code should already
work with Equinox.

Thoughts anyone?


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