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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: WS-SecurityPolicy in CXF 2.1.x, or just 2.2?
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 00:05:15 GMT

BTW, is UsernameToken Profile implemented yet via WS-SecurityPolicy or just
the X.509 TP?


dkulp wrote:
>> I would 
>> next like to test out the WS-SecurityPolicy configuration that Dan has
>> done.  Is it supported only on the CXF 2.2 branch or both 2.1.x and
>> 2.2?  
> Just 2.2.   It's very "unstable" right now as I kind of move things 
> around to get it working.   Right now, there is pretty much no error 
> handling (it likely will just printStackTrace and continue with 
> unpredicatble results), I'll probably refactory the sending into 3 (or 
> more) interceptors, and the incoming messages are currently not 
> validated against the policies.  Basically, there is still much work to 
> do, but it's at a state where the basic usecases are working.  The MS 
> InteropFest usecases are now working (except the UsernameToken stuff, 
> and I'm not sure why yet.  Seems MS wants those encrypted, even if the 
> policy says not to, but I haven't dug into all that yet.  Not having a 
> windows box is slightly hindering that progress.)

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