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From "David Bosschaert" <>
Subject Distributed OSGi update
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 08:38:17 GMT
Hi all,

Just a little update on how things are going wrt to the Distributed
OSGi implementation that is currently in the CXF sandbox.

Last week Eoghan, Sergey and myself were participating in the OSGi
BundleFest in Montpellier (France) where we worked hard on integrating
the various parts of Distributed OSGi (also known as OSGi RFC 119
[1]). These parts are:
* The Distribution Software (DSW) Reference Implementation, this is
what is based on CXF and what currently lives in the CXF sandbox.
* The Discovery Service Refence Implementation.
* The OSGi TCK test suite.
We can't say that everything fully worked yet, because we found bugs
in the various parts, but we did achieve the integration. This means
that we did manage to get the DSW/Discovery integration working up to
a certain level. We also got the RI parts working in the OSGi TCK

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done:
- We need better test coverage for the DOSGi RI, esp around system tests.
- We need better documentation. Obviously RFC 119 contains a lot of
information about how to use Distributed OSGi, and the upcoming OSGi
Spec (version 4.2) will also contain a lot of info, we need better
documentation on how to build, use and configure CXF-specific pieces
(such as CXF-specific intents).
- There are still a number of open bugs on the DOSGi implementation.
Obviously any help on these things will be great!

Looking a little more long-term. We are aiming at having the RFC 119
implementations in good shape well in time for OSGiCon/EclipseCon
2009. The next release of the OSGi Specification is also expected to
be available some time in 2009.

Best regards,



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