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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: JMS transport sync/async......
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2008 13:00:04 GMT
Hi Dan,

I will look into the async code on the weekend. Like you said the main
problem could be how to handle the separate thread
of the message handler.



Daniel Kulp schrieb:
> Christian,
> When you get some time, can you look at what I've done in the JMS transport to 
> make sure it's all OK and doesn't introduce some massive scalability issue?
> Basically, I now call the message observer directly from the 
> onMessage(JMSMessage)  call.   This means its called on the thread that the 
> JMS queue provides instead of from the CXF calling thread.    Right now, if 
> it's a synchronous invoke, I left the "wait()" in place on the main thread, 
> but that's really not needed.    It could return immediately as the 
> ClientImpl will then wait if it's supposed to be synchronous.   I mostly left 
> it there due to the jmsTemplate.getReceiveTimeout() thing.   If we return, 
> the timeout would need to be configured on the client itself,  which might 
> not be a bad thing.   Not really sure.    Maybe the default could be 
> RECEIVE_TIMEOUT_NO_WAIT and only wait on that main thread if it's set 
> otherwise?   I don't really know, not my area of expertise.
> I guess my main concern is if it's OK to process the response on the JMS 
> provided thread.   Is that part of a thread pool or similar?   If not, we'll 
> need to throw it on a workqueue.   That's easy enough to do, but I wanted to 
> hear from you first.
> Thanks!


Christian Schneider

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