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From Richard Opalka <>
Subject Re: Potential impact of SpringSource Enterprise Maintenance Policy on CXF
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 12:14:26 GMT
Hi Glen and CXF Community,

   there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Did you hear about JBoss 
It's open well tested MC implementation that is loosely coupled with 
JBoss AS.
Just for your information JBoss MC 2.0 is going to GA state soon.
See for more information.


Glen Mazza wrote:
> By reading the FAQ, it shows that we will always have access to the source
> code for a particular build, but not just the compiled version after three
> months.  Presumably Apache (as I suspect other projects use Spring) would
> need to build its own version from their source code and store it in our
> Maven repositories, and yes, as usual, deliver it along with the CXF
> download.
> Keep in mind, removing Spring from CXF is not a victory either.  We would
> have to reinvent the wheel in creating our own framework, and, unlike
> Spring's, the new framework would not be one readily understood by thousands
> in the community (hence fewer patches and enhancements from them), nor would
> it be as well tested and beaten-up as Spring's is, because it would be in
> use by only one project.  Usage of Spring is a major differentiator between
> Metro and CXF, do you want a web service stack that relies on a tested and
> proven framework, or do you want one that needs to reinvent the wheel to
> some degree in order to avoid a Spring dependency?  Both approaches have
> their happy adherents--while you might be happy with (and indeed need) a web
> service stack that has no org.springframework.* packages within it, others
> might be equally concerned about relying on one that uses org.glen.*
> instead.
> Glen
> CXF Explorer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am a newbie for CXF. I started exploring it as a potential framework for
>> implementing web service based application. I am ok with most of the stuff
>> with CSX but for its heavy dependency on Spring framework. I am aware
>> about the availability of bus and NonSpringServlet approach and would like
>> to explore it further. The forum says that most of the advanced cases will
>> require spring or doing a lot of low level API programming to get it
>> configured. That means I cannot keep away with Spring if I want to harness
>> the real potential of CXF framework :-(.
>> With the new 
>> SpringSource Enterprise Maintenance Policy , it looks like non subscribed
>> spring developers(I believe there are many of them) are going to have a
>> hard time identifying a stable spring release, as the spring source will
>> issue maintenance updates for three months period after a new major
>> version of Spring is released. My understanding of the policy may not be
>> 100% correct, but if it is correct, then how CXF is planning repository
>> management for Spring versions? The question is more serious for an Ant
>> based project as the dependencies have to be managed manually there.
>> Will CXF bundle a stable Spring release along with the jar distributions
>> for CXF framework in the future or will it rely on Maven to resolve the
>> Spring dependencies for a particular stable release?

B.Sc. Richard Opalka
Senior Software Engineer
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

Mobile: +420 731 186 942

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