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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Release manager for 2.1.3 and/or 2.0.9.....
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2008 00:30:35 GMT
Hi Christian,

Most of your JMS patches were merged into the 2.0.x branch , and there 
are not much differences between the CXF 2.0.x JMS module and CXF 2.1.x 
JMS module. I think it is easy to merge your latest change into the CXF 
Don't worry , I will keep on an eye on it ;)

Christian Schneider wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> I have got a question about the new releases. Should we include the 
> changes in the JMS transport in one of them?
> Ron Gavlin asked to include the changes in the 2.0.x branch on the 
> jira issue
> I could imagine to include them into 2.1.3 but I would rather leave 
> them out of 2.0.9. What do you think? Are there some general 
> guidelines how to handle this?
> Is there already a time scale? I would like to include the upcoming 
> new JMS configuration style in the release but this will take at least 
> another one or two weeks.
> Greetings
> Christian
> Daniel Kulp schrieb:
>> We're rappidly approaching time to do the 2.0.9 and 2.1.3 releases.   
>> It's been about 10 week since 2.0.9 and 7 weeks since 2.1.2.   We 
>> have 33 issues resolved for 2.0.9, and 38 for 2.1.3.   Thus, we 
>> probably should consider doing some releases shortly.
>> HOWEVER, my hard drive crashed this week and part of recovering from 
>> that, I kind of realized that someone else really should try doing a 
>> release to make sure the knowledge is spread out a bit and isn't all 
>> bottled up in my head.    Thus, I'd like to ask for volunteers for 
>> doing the releases.   If no one jumps up, I'll be happy to do it, but 
>> it would definitely be good to get someone else involved.
>> Requirements:
>> 1) The release process is MUCH easier and more reliable on a Linux or 
>> OSX box.   Things like gpg and ssh/scp "just work".  If someone want 
>> to try Windows, I'm not sure how much I can help. 
>> 2) gpg installed and a gpg key generated and available in the public 
>> key servers.   Ideally, it would be signed by other apache folks, but 
>> that's not a requirment.  Anyone near Boston, we could meet for lunch 
>> and sign keys if you want.
>> 3) Time - before building the release, you need a few hours to review 
>> release notes, notice/license files, rat reports, etc....   Post 
>> release, there is syncing to the maven repo, updating confluence, 
>> some JIRA admin things, etc....   Basically, a few hours ahead of the 
>> build, an hour to build, three days for the vote, and a few hours 
>> afterword. 
>> Anyway, if anyone is interested, speak up.  I'd be happy to look over 
>> your virtual shoulder while you do the stuff to make sure it's all 
>> done right.   Not a problem.
>> Thanks!

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