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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject Upgrade to JAX-RS 1.0
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2008 13:24:56 GMT

Forwarding it to the right address...


I've just updated a jax-rs frontend in 2.2-SNAPSHOT trunk to support JAX-RS 1.0 [1].

The following main changes in 1.0 (some of them came from 0.9) will affect CXF JAX-RS 0.8
users :

1. ProduceMime and ConsumeMime annotations have been renamed to Produces and Consumes
This is likely to affect any CXF JAX-RS user.

2. MessageBodyReader and MessageBodyWriter signatures have changed.
Those who wrote custom body readers/writers will need to recompile the code but the implementation
won't need to be changed

3. HttpHeaders.getLanguage() and getAcceptableLanguages() return Locale and List<Locale>

>From now on, we'll focus on making sure CXFJAX-RS fully implements 1.0. As far as I can
see, this will require us to
1. Complete the (partial) implementation of UriBuilder which can be a handy utility when building
complex URIs - at the moment 
there're a number of ways to do what UriBuilder can but it requires a better knowledge of
how URI are structured...
2. Finish UriInfo implementation - it's mostly complete but the newly introduced 3 methods
3. Support newly introduced GenericEntity (which can wrap and preserve collections's type
4. Support newly introduced FormParam
5. Add support for javax.activation classes such that people can do multipart related updates
6. Work on current issues and add more system tests

That's the basic plan, as far as the goal of completeing JAX-RS work and doing TCK is concerned.
In parallel, we'll start thinking on how to make CXF JAX-RS stand on its own, and how to do
advanced JAX-RS/JAX-WS services.

It's likely to take a bit of time to achive all these goals given that the resources are limited
so to say :-)
In meantime - please give a try - the feedback is most welcome,  don't worry if you feel you
know there're better JAX-RS 
implementations out there :-) - it's up to you the users to choose and we understand it, and
have fun :-) !

Cheers, Sergey


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