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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject Service address in WSDL and EPR
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 19:28:13 GMT

I was working in Geronimo on a simple issue where the service endpoint
url address in WSDL gets cached on the very first request and does not
get updated. I was looking through similar code in CXF and noticed a
few things and now I'm wondering how things should work.

1) What's the purpose of publishedEndpointUrl property? I see that it
can be set in EndpointImpl and it is used in WSDLQueryHandler to
update the service soap:address location. But, a) shouldn't this
property be also used to update the schema/wsdl imports? and b)
shouldn't that value also be returned in
WebServiceContext.getEndpointReference() and/or

2) The service endpoint address in WSDL returned by CXFServlet will be
updated each time because ServletController.updateDests() updates the
address property of the endpoint. But doesn't that create a little
race condition with WebServiceContext.getEndpointReference()? For
example, if you have 2 concurrent requests one getting the WSDL and
another one calling WebServiceContext.getEndpointReference()? Maybe
WebServiceContext.getEndpointReference() should be using the request
url instead of the endpoint address for the EPR address?


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