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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: CXF Spring Configuration and PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2008 19:49:40 GMT
Hi Daniel,

thanks for the hint. I will try this. I think the feature of replacing
properties is extremely important for the cxf users. Can we trun off the
validation by default?
Another idea would be to do the validation after the properties have
been replaced.

I have got another question about the xml configuration. Is it possible
to tell spring that an element is a reference to to a bean? I would like
to add the functionality of referencing the
ConnectionFactory to the address element. So people can define their
factory locally or use springĀ“s jndi logic to look it up. Of course I
could simply add a string type element and search for the Factory by
hand but I would prefer to let spring do this work.



Daniel Kulp schrieb:
> Christian,
> I don't think it has anything to do with the AbstractBeanDefinitionParser.  It 
> has to do with the schema validation that we turn on by default and camel 
> doesn't.    The schema validation occurs at XML parse time when spring is 
> constructing the DOM.   This is long before any of the spring bean 
> processing.  
> The issue is types that aren't strings really don't validate with properties.   
> For example, a <element name="timeout" type="int"/> won't validate if it 
> appears as:
> <timeout>${cnfigured.timeout}</timeout>
> in the xml file as that's not an int.
> If you turn off the schema validation, it will probably work for you.   
> Obviously, you have to make sure the xml is then valid yourself.  I think it 
> would be -Dorg.apache.cxf.spring.validation.mode=VALIDATION_NONE
> Dan


Christian Schneider

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