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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject JAX-RS version and 2.1.2
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 13:28:36 GMT

Sergey's commit brings up an interesting topic for discussion:

In general, when doing patch releases, I've tried to keep the impact  
to a bare minimum.  I have ported new features to the patch branches,  
but pretty much only if it doesn't affect existing usage.    Sergey  
has done a fantastic job of updating the JAX-RS stuff to the latest  
0.8 spec and it would be good to get people to change to using that.   
However, it is a change that could affect existing code.    So, should  
that be part of 2.1.2 or wait for 2.2?

Pros/cons of adding to 2.1.2:
Pro: It's significantly better and has a bunch of bugs fixed
Pro: It's closer to the final spec (although the spec is still changing)
Pro: Going forward, people will need to migrate to it anyway

Con: it does affect existing apps

The main con to making it 2.2 only is that 2.2 is quite a ways away.    
People have been asking for some of this stuff so making them wait  
that long could be an issue.

Anyway, I'd like peoples thoughts on this.  I've cc'd the users list  
as well as I'd really like the users opinions as well.    If the users  
are willing to take the migration hit, I'm more than OK with putting  
it for 2.1.2.

Daniel Kulp

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