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From Eoghan Glynn <>
Subject Re: Ideas for 2.2
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 06:30:11 GMT

Christian Schneider wrote:
> I would really like to see good osgi integration as we plan to rely 
> quite heavily on osgi in the future. But as I myself are only starting 
> on this I donĀ“t know much about the details. Basically I would like to 
> be able  to connect the osgi internal services with cxf to communicate 
> with the outside world. So a client should be able to simply use an osgi 
> service. The provider of the service could then be simply a local bundle 
> or a cxf based kind of binding component that does the remoting. I hope 
> somthing like this will come from servicemix.


The scenario you mention - client just using OSGi services as it would 
in a purely local case, but with CXF transparently providing the 
remoting capability - is exactly what Distributed OSGi / RFC 119 is all 

So I think you're in luck :)


> Daniel Kulp schrieb:
>> 5) OSGi stuff - I know there are some OSGi enhancements in the works 
>> that could be pulled in:
>>    a) osgi http transport - this currently lives in ServiceMix, but 
>> could be pulled into CXF to work with other OSGi runtimes
>>    b) Distributed OSGi (RFC 119) - there is work being done to 
>> implement RFC 119 with CXF.   There are some rules about releasing the 
>> IP for this though that is being investigated.

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