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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Ideas for 2.2
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 01:32:56 GMT
I think our WSS4J interceptors really need to support "nonces"--IIRC
according to WS-Security w/UsernameToken profile web service calls
aren't really secure if those aren't included with the username,
password, and timestamp. I am still not sure if WSS4J supports the SAML
Token Profile, but that would also something we probably need.  Having
WS-SecureConversation would not be very meaningful for either SAML or
UsernameTokens if we don't have the latter two working yet.  (The other
profile--X.509--I don't know how well that is supported presently, but
if working, WS-SecureConversation then becomes sensible.)

Possibly also, an ability to support Sun's XWSS product in addition to
WSS4J (although I'm aware of the performance issues you had mentioned
earlier), a nice-to-have since Spring-WS apparently supports both.

Perhaps also WSDL 2.0?


2008-06-18 Daniel Kulp wrote:
> Now that 2.1.1 is being voted on, I'd like to step back a bit and talk  
> a little about ideas for the next versions.
> First, most likely, we'll need to do a 2.1.2 release in about 6-8  
> weeks (and maybe 2.0.8 as well).   We've done a very good job of  
> getting fixes out to our users in a timely manner and I'd like to keep  
> that up, but I also would like to think about 2.2 a bit as well.   I  
> haven't created the 2.1.x fixes branch yet, but I probably will  
> shortly if we start doing some new stuff toward 2.2.
> That said, here is my list of stuff that is "missing" and could be  
> considered for 2.2:
> 1) WS-Trust/WS-SecurePolicy/WS-SecureConversation stuff.    Not  
> supporting these is becoming increasingly problematic.   Most likely,  
> when I get back from my paternity leave, I'm going to start digging  
> into these a bit.  I haven't really read up on these yet (in depth) so  
> any help would be greatly appreciated.
> 2) XMLBeans tooling - I started this a bit for 2.1.1.   2.1.1 now will  
> actually generate some interfaces for xmlbeans, but the sample clients/ 
> servers are wrong (don't set the jaxb databinding) and I'm not sure if  
> the interfaces even work unless you use a jaxws customization to force  
> everything into bare mode.   Cleaning this stuff up could be a 2.1.x  
> "fix" as well.
> 3) JIBX data binding - This is probably the last major thing not  
> ported from XFire.   Not sure the demand on it though.
> 4) Extension via annotation - Benson and I have chatted about this off  
> and on.    Basically, we'd like to add hooks into the  
> ReflectServiceFactoryBean so that registered listeners can get events  
> about when things happen.   Like when an interface is mapped to a  
> ServiceInfo, a method is mapped to a OperaionInfo and  
> BingingOperationInfo, etc...    The listeners can then examine the  
> Method object or Class object or whatever for any additional things  
> it's interested in at runtime.     This would allow for some custom  
> annotations.   Examples:
> Configure some logging:
> @Logging(in = "in.log", out = "out.log", fault = "<stderr>")
> Configure and IDL location for the corba binding:
> @IDLLocation("file:/foo.idl")
> Add documentation to the wsdl:
> @WSDLAnnotation("This operation does XXX")
> etc...
> Some of the stuff in the JAX-WS frontend could then be re-written to  
> use that.   Processing of the @WebServiceFeature annotations and stuff  
> could be re-implemented that way.     The main thing here is to make  
> some of the java-first things work a bit better/easier.   (our own  
> @Features annotation could be deprecated in favor of explicit  
> annotations for the features we have)
> 5) OSGi stuff - I know there are some OSGi enhancements in the works  
> that could be pulled in:
>     a) osgi http transport - this currently lives in ServiceMix, but  
> could be pulled into CXF to work with other OSGi runtimes
>     b) Distributed OSGi (RFC 119) - there is work being done to  
> implement RFC 119 with CXF.   There are some rules about releasing the  
> IP for this though that is being investigated.
> 6) JMS transport enhancements - I keep wanting to update this a bit to  
> leverage spring jms stuff a bit better to make it much easier to  
> configure.
> 7) JAX-RS updates - to 0.7 at least.  Maybe later versions as they  
> come up with them.
> 8) Web site update?   I'd like to possibly create a quick logo and  
> update the site a bit to look a bit less like confluence.   This is a  
> "would be nice anytime, not just for 2.2" type thing.
> I'm sure there will be a bunch of other enhancements as well.    Stuff  
> like performance/memory enhancements, etc...
> Anyway, thoughts?   Other ideas?  Comments?
> ---
> Daniel Kulp

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