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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: (Moved from users) Re: Writing Maven/JUnit test cases for web service calls
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 16:14:52 GMT

On May 14, 2008, at 11:53 AM, Glen Mazza wrote:

> 2008-05-14 Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> Well, no.    For example, how would we know the filename of the wsdl
>> to even grab from that directory?
> Sorry to grill you here--I'm just trying to get this as correct as it
> can get.  Just to clarify, then, while it may not pick up files from  
> the
> WEB-INF/wsdl folder by default as I was thinking, that folder should
> still be the default location to look for WSDLs that are specified  
> using
> wsdlLocation (i.e., if no directory structure is provided), correct?
>> From the JSR-109 Spec[1], Version 1.2 (April 28, 2006):

Just FYI:  with CXF being a standalone JAX-WS provider, JSR-109 stuff  
is not required to be supported.   For example, we don't support  
injecting any @WebServiceRef things in at all at this point either.    
That's a J2EE thing.     I don't think any of us really have delved  
into JSR109 as it pertains to CXF only.   I know the Geronimo folks  
obviously have, but it's part of the web service deployer stuff, not  
something ingrained into CXF.

Thus, in short, I DOUBT the current stuff in CXF will look in WEB-INF/ 
wsdl if you just specify a wsdlLocation of "foo.wsdl".   The JAX-WS  
spec for standalone doesn't require it.   I could be wrong though.   
With all the work Jarek and Jeff did for Geronimo, some of it might  
have been pushed into CXF.


There are a couple things in JSR-109 that don't match

> Section 5.4: WSDL files are located relative to the root of the module
> and are typically located in the wsdl directory that is co-located  
> with
> the module deployment descriptor or a subdirectory of it.
> Section 5.4.1: The wsdl directory is a well-known location that  
> contains
> WSDL files and any relative content the WSDL files may reference. WSDL
> files and their relative references will be published during  
> deployment.
> See sections 8.2.4 and 8.2.5 for more details.
> Section 8.2.4:  "A Web Services for Java EE provider is
> required to provide a URL that maintains the referential integrity of
> the WSDL document the service-ref (or a
> annotated Web service reference) is bound to if the wsdl-file
> (wsdlLocation in WebServiceRef) element refers to a document located  
> in
> the wsdl directory or one of its subdirectories."
> Section 8.2.5: "A Web Services for Java EE provider is required to
> support publishing a deployed WSDL document if the
> wsdlLocation element in the Web service annotations (described in
> section and or Web services deployment descriptor
> (webservices.xml) wsdl-file element refers to a WSDL file contained in
> the wsdl directory or subdirectory, as described in section 5.4.1. A
> vendor may support publication of WSDL files packaged in other
> locations, but these are considered non-portable."
> What I'm trying to say is that, in terms of WSDL resolution, there is
> indeed a difference between the WEB-INF/wsdl folder and the
> WEB-INF/banana folder, and CXF captures that difference?  I may need  
> to
> research this more.
> Thanks,
> Glen
> [1]

Daniel Kulp

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