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From Chico Charlesworth <>
Subject Re: How can I use Long instead of String for @PathParam?
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 16:09:51 GMT

Great, thanks for the update. Is there a page documenting what is left to be
done for the JAX-RS implementation? Or what features are currently missing?

Also, a couple of other things I've come across:
 - Is there a better approach in returning collections? At the moment, a
wrapper class which encapsulates the collection is needed so as to annotate
it with a @XmlRootElement annotation, but would be nice if this wasn't
 - Ar the moment, Eclipse is failing to access the xsd schemas (e.g. and highlights an error for this. I
see that is actually offline at the moment. Has it
been replaced with something else?


Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> At the moment PathParams are assumed to be Strings. 
> It's worth noting that until now the contributions to CXF JAX-RS were
> focused on making it more functional, that is, for 80% of typical cases to
> work. 
> For ex, as far as PathParams are concerned, the spec mandates that if a
> class (like Long) has valueOf(String) then this method need to be used (or
> if it has a constructor accepting String). We basically ignored things
> like that until now as the lack of support for such things would not be a
> blocker and focused on making sure that Uri Templating works, subresources
> work, etc. For ex, a simple workaround would be to have String as a type
> of the path param and then do Long.valueOf in the code. 
> At this stage of its lifecycle, CXf JAXRS needs a bit of polishing (for
> ex, superclasses are not currently checked for @Path, Request impl does
> not support IfModifiedSince and Variants, UriBuilderImpl is not complete).
> I'm going to update the documentation and list few tasks which I would
> encourage CXF JAX-RS users to consider taking on to help to push CXF JAXRS
> implementation further.
> As I promised earlier I'll have a look at at a proxy issue soon (possibly
> these weekends), and I will probably fix this problem as well, as it's a
> really simple one to deal with...
> Cheers, Sergey
>> When I try to map @PathParam to a Long, I get this exception -
>> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch.
>> Am I missing something? How can I use Long instead of String for
>> @PathParam?
>> Cheers
>> Chico
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