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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: First pass at resolution text....
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 01:58:34 GMT
Hi Dan,

I'd be like to do some explanation for our Chinese name.
Please see the comments in the mail.
Daniel Kulp wrote:
> On Friday 07 March 2008, Glen Mazza wrote:
>> I don't understand the concern.  My last name is Italian but English
>> sort order would still be expected.
> That's because your "native" name is a western style "First name + 
> Surname" name.   For the Beijing folks, their "western name" like James 
> or Jim or something is not really part of their given name.   That's 
> something they chose themselves to make it easier for us to communicate 
> with them.  I really don't know if the "first part" of thier given name 
> is considered the surname or not.
It will be a litter complicate about our names.
In Chinese , we put the surname first and then the given name to show 
the respect of our family :)
Since it is not easy to pronounce our name from the Chinese character, 
we also have an English name and use PinYin to write down the 
pronunciation of our given name and surname  for better communication 
with the western folks.
> Examples:
> Willem Ning Jiang
> Do I sort on "Ning" or "Jiang"?
Willem is my English name , Ning is my given name and Jiang is my sure name.
> James Maode Mao
> Do I sort on Maode or Mao?  (not that it matters in this case)
It is same with James. Maode is his given name and Mao is his sure name.
> In anycase, I didn't really want my lack of knowledge/experience with the 
> Chinese cultures to offend anyone.  It's purely because I just don't 
> know.  (but I'd be happy to learn!)
I just check the persons list , you sort it with our sure name , it is 
fair to us :)
> Dan
>> Glen
>> dkulp wrote:
>>> (I tried to sort the PMC folks by last name, but with the Chinese
>>> folks, I'm not really sure what the proper sort order was for them. 
>>>  If the order is wrong, I appologize.  I probably should have gone
>>> with sorting by apache id or something.)


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