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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Are we ready to graduate?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 01:42:02 GMT
+1 for graduation
and +1 for being TLP


Daniel Kulp wrote:
> We've started some discussions on the cxf-private list about graduation 
> stuff, but I wanted to bring it out to the wider list.
> OK, question #1: are we ready to graduate?   Other than a few 
> administravia  things like updating the status page with the results of 
> the karma cleanup (which I'll do once I remember how to update that 
> page...  It's been a while.), are there any other issues that people 
> feel would need to be resolved?   
> Question #2: assuming #1 is yes, should we graduate to a top level 
> project or to a subproject of something else.   If subproject, where?
> My thoughts:
> On #1:  yes.   We have now have a diverse community of contributors.   We 
> have shown we can do releases based on apache guidelines.  (we've done 6 
> of them).   We have shown we conduct our discussions in public within 
> full view of the community.   We have followed Apache guidelines and 
> voting proceedures wherever required.    I don't feel there is anything 
> left to gain by remaining in the incubator.
> On #2:  I'm strongly in favor of going TLP.   While some may argue that a 
> subproject of ws may be preferred, I'm not one of them.  :-)   I 
> personally think the WS project should actually be broken up a bit, so 
> making the situation worse doesn't accomplish anything.     However, 
> that is mostly my subjective opinion.
> Anyone else have any thoughts?

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