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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Options for CXF 2.1.....
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:00:43 GMT

With the 2.1 open jira list steadily declining, we're definitely getting 
closer to the release.   Thus, I wanted to discuss some options around 
releasing it.  The graduation vote/proceedings could have an impact 
which is why I'd like to discuss this.   If the graduation vote proceeds 
well (it looks OK as of right now), it could be presented to the board 
on April 16 so releases after that could be full "non incubator" 
releases.  (assuming the board OK's the graduation, it doesn't get 
delayed due to time constraints, etc...)

Option 1: 
Stick to March 30 date to release 2.1.   Then fix whatever bugs are found 
and such and do a 2.1.1 non-incubator shortly after graduation.   This 
definitely gets things into the users hands sooner, but would still 
require the double vote (cxf-dev + incubator) for 2.1.  

Option 2:
Delay the full 2.1 release until graduation and make 2.1 itself the "Hey, 
we're no longer incubating" release.   The issue here is if the 
graduation proposal gets pushed back to may or something (like the 
ServiceMix resolution got delayed a month), we could have done the 30th 

If we go option 2, I'd like to do one or two unofficial tagged "beta" 
builds before now and then to get people looking at it more.   
(actually, even with Option 1, I will probably do a beta build on friday 
to test to make sure the release process still works with all the 
modules and stuff added to 2.1.   I don't want to be 
running "release:prepare" on the 30th and find out it doesn't work.)

In BOTH cases, I'd probably be targetting a 2.0.6 release shortly after 
the graduation as well so we can get 2.0.x maven artifacts into central.

Anyway, what are peoples thoughts?

J. Daniel Kulp
Principal Engineer, IONA

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