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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: [NOTICE] CXF Karma clean up
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 07:48:54 GMT
Count me in.


Daniel Kulp wrote:
> As discussed on the cxf-private list, we need to cleanup the karma lists 
> (PPMC and committers) so that we can present an accurate reflection of 
> the state of the project during the final graduation process and to the 
> board.   During the 18 months we've been in the incubator, I know 
> several of the initial committers never showed up and several have moved 
> on to other things.   We need to clean up the lists.
> The goal is not to strip karma from anyone that wants to remain a 
> committer.   Thus, any committer that would like to remain a committer, 
> just send a reply to this message with a "count me in" type response.  
> I'll wait at least 14 days (till Feb 21st, spans 3 work weeks) before 
> assembling the lists to give everyone the opportunity to respond.
> If somebody is on vacation/medical leave etc., they can within a 
> reasonable time period and prior to graduation request the PPMC to add 
> their name back to the list.   Post graduation the decision to do so 
> lies with the then acting PMC.   Again, we don't want to exclude anyone 
> that has been a contributor to CXF and wants to remain.   We just need 
> to provide an accurate state of the project.
> Also, optionally, it would be nice if, along with the ack, you specified 
> any company affiliation that you would like listed.  The diversity issue 
> is bound to pop up and I'd like to have that information assembled as 
> well.
> Thanks!
> Dan Kulp 
> On behalf of the CXF PPMC

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