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From Jeff Zhang <>
Subject split manifest for jdk6 support
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 06:09:51 GMT

I work on CXF jdk6 support. My proposal is split 
cxf-manifest-incubator.jar into 2 manifest jars, one includes all javax 
jars embedded in JDK6, such as jaxws, jaxb, stax, jws, annotation, 
etc..., we can call it cxf-specs-manifest.jar. And another one contains 
the rest jars.

If users use JDK5, they include both manifest jars in classpath, if use 
JDK6, they can only include one manifest. For samples shipped with CXF, 
we can define rule in common_build.xml, it get JDK version from OS 
environment, and put right manifest jar into classpath.

Do you think it reasonable?


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