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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: exit xmime:contentType, stage left?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 15:32:43 GMT

I really have no problem with the solution you came up with if it could 
work with JAXB.    If the MToM test was using Aegis, I'd be completely 
OK.    The issue is JAXB is broken in a few areas so the solution just 
doesn't work there.   :-(   Not your fault.

If JAXB would have actually generated a valid schema, I wouldn't have 
even noticed.   While debugging some issues with schema 
generation/validation, I made the EndpointReferenceUtils "assert false;" 
if it couldn't process the schema.   I then also forced it to process 
the schema for every invokation.   Thus, I was able to find a BUNCH of 
places where invalid schema was being used and/or generated.  Fixed most 
of them.   The MToM was the one I couldn't figure out a sollution for.


On Thursday 24 January 2008, Benson Margulies wrote:
> I thought that the contentType attribute looked really clever and
> useful for my goal of using MTOM to solve the XML 1.0 issue. In fact,
> I made Aegis do this all the time. So if I've really drunk the wrong
> koolaid with the XMIME standard, we probably need to undo what I did
> to Aegis.
> Needless to say, I found the MIME type business on the Metro site.
> With some pretty silly bugs in the description (a restriction instead
> of an extension), but it was there.
> The problem is that, for the problem I was trying to solve, I really
> wanted a more deterministic approach to MTOM than the mush with the
> service-level flag plus the threshold. The content-type attribute
> seemed just the ticket to allowing deciding when MTOM was desired,
> deterministically, in the JavaScript code generator. In Aegis, as you
> will see, I arranged for the entire XMIME XSD, that I collected from
> the W3C, to be added to the WSDL. If all else fails, I guess I could
> now make the JavaScript do the entire nondeterministic threshold-based
> feature business.
> Could we do that in JAXB?
> An alternative to the XMIME thing would be to add a CXF-specific
> annotation that marked an element as wanting (or not) XMIME. That, of
> course, would be easier after you find time to implement the
> annotation code you are planning to implement.

J. Daniel Kulp
Principal Engineer, IONA

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