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From "Liu, Jervis" <>
Subject RE: Significant changes to Aegis API
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2007 05:23:07 GMT

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> From: Benson Margulies []
> Sent: 2007年12月29日 5:42
> To: cxf-dev
> Subject: Significant changes to Aegis API
> Goaded by Dan D, I went and refactored Aegis in the direction of having
> a package like JAXB and XmlBeans that could be used independently of
> CXF.
> It's not done, but I have the code considerably closer.
> However, in the process, I've incompatibly changed the API for
> configuring an Aegis service. Instead of expecting various values to be
> stuck into a properties of endpoints or services, the configurable items
> really are just (Spring-configurable) properties of objects.
> In practical terms, instead of throwing property maps into factories, an
> app would want to explicitly create an AegisContext, put it into an
> AegisDatabinding, and put that into a service factory.

Excellent, I am looking forward to this API. This is IMHO, what we really need if Aegis binding
is to become a standalone data binding that can be used outside CXF. Think about the JSR-311
Aegis EntityProvider question I raised previously, this use case is about using Aegis binding
to marshal/unmarshal data in a JSR-311 runtime. If this Aegis EntityProvider works, we can
not only use it in CXF JSR-311 implementation, but also other JSR-311 runtimes, such as Jersey.

The usage of Aegis binding in JSR-311 EntityProvider may look like below, very similar to
JAXB binding:

public final class AegisEntityProvider implements EntityProvider<Object> {
    public Object readFrom(Class<Object> type, MediaType m, MultivaluedMap<String,
String> headers,
                           InputStream is) {
      AegisContext context = getAegisContext (obj.getClass());
      AegisDatabinding binding = new AegisDatabinding(context);
      DataReader reader = binding.createReader(XMLStreamReader.class);
      XMLStreamReader input = XMLInputFactory.newInstance().createXMLStreamReader(is, encoding);
      Object obj =, input);
      return obj;    

    private AegisContext getAegisContext(Class type) {
        //AegisContext can be registered with a Class, or a directory that contains type classes.
        context = AegisContext.newInstance(type);

> If this really upsets people, I can, I suppose, graft a compatibility
> scheme back into the Databinding object which looks for properties and,
> if present, uses them to initialize.
> I guess I'll do this unless I hear voices opposed.
> The doc is another question; I can always add boxes to the doc that say
> '2.0.x versus 2.1'.
> My efforts in the process to really understand the use of the 'encoding
> URIs' remain disappointing. Some places they really are encoding URIs.
> Some places they are service target namespaces. And one place it has to
> the the special URL usually associated with the XSD prefix, or the WSDLs
> that come out of Aegis come out completely wrong.

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