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From Thomas Diesler <>
Subject Feedback on JBossWS/CXF integration of WS-RM
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2007 15:29:57 GMT
Hi Folks,

over the last couple of days I tried to integrate CXF's WS-RM 
implementation with JBossWS. Last summer, we announced that JBossWS 
would provide a pluggable WS framework (see the links below) that would 
allow JBoss customers to run CXF as the preferred WS implementation in 

JBossWS supports CXF as a pluggable WS framework

JBossWS supports pluggable Web Service stacks

We have setup a common testsuite for JAX-WS endpoints and clients that 
we test against (JBossWS) Native, Metro and CXF. In a nutshell, the 
integration of cxf-2.0.3 looks promising with only a few outstanding issues

Resolve JBoss common jax-ws testsuite issues

The next thing I tried was to integrate CXF's WS-RM implementation. In 
essence I tried to setup JAX-WS RPC/Document endpoints that I configured 
to use RM. On the client side I tried to stick to standard JAX-WS API as 
much as I could. The issues that I encountered on the way are aggregated 

Resolve JBossWS/CXF WS-RM integration issues

some of them have workarounds, others not. What I currently have are 
endpoints that reject non RM messages, but choke on RM messages because 
of [CXF-1321]. The client seems to work ok for Document but not for RPC 

Ideally, I would like to get this work completed early next year. 
Perhaps there is somebody available, who I could contact to discuss what 
I should expect in terms of working functionality and how to get things 
working in an integrated environment.

As a result I would write a step by step guide on howto enable a JAX-WS 
endpoint for RM [CXF-1311].

Have a good holiday & cheers

Thomas Diesler
Web Service Lead
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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