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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Next Steps for Project Yoko : A Proposal
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 16:25:43 GMT

Matt,  (and others)

On Friday 07 December 2007, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I was going trough my old archives and because the original proposal
> had been posted to several lists I missed this note and didn't respond
> in a timely manner as my mail program put this note in the wrong
> folder.

Been there, done that...    Filters are great to keep things organized, 
but they sometimes work too well.  

> I think the net of the request below from Sanjiva and it doesn't
> appear to be posted to CXF Dev.  I wanted to send this out for your
> consideration and ask if y'all could respond to Sanjiva on his
> concern.

Looking at the CORBA binding stuff in Axis 2, it currently doesn't 
actually use Yoko ws binding stuff at all.   It only uses the ORB part 
which is the part going to Geronimo for which they are agreeing to keep 
standalone.  Thus, the proposal as written wouldn't have any impact on 
their current code.

Also, the CORBA stuff they have is pretty much the exact opposite of what 
the Yoko bindings are trying to do.    They are trying to "Web service 
enable a CORBA object".   The yoko stuff is more "CORBA enable a Web 
Service object".  Kind of a bit flipped.   (Although that includes CORBA 
enabling a Web Service client object which would allow routing (via 
things like Apache Camel, maybe Synapse) from pure webservice endpoints 

That said, to specifically address some of the points:

1) The yoko binding code is in:

2) The tooling is at:

Both are fairly tied to CXF as they plugin to CXF with CXF's binding 
API's and command line tool api's and such.     That said, once we get 
it over to CXF, we'd definitely welcome their help in refactoring it to 
make it a bit more reusable.  I really have no problem with that and we 
could use more external (to IONA) folks that could potentially become 
committers.   As Jim says, "a potential mechanism to bring in additional 
developers for the podling."     CXF is built very modularly.   A "mvn 
deploy" deploys over 55 jars.  Thus, we can easily provide a small jar 
or similar with parts that they might need and they could take that 
dependency just like they could take a direct Yoko dependency if yoko 
had done a deploy.


> Cross posting is a bad thing.  Sorry.
> Matt
> Begin forwarded message:
> > From: Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
> > Date: November 25, 2007 5:13:33 AM EST
> > To:
> > Cc:,  ""
> > <
> >
> > Subject: Re: Next Steps for Project Yoko : A Proposal
> > Reply-To:
> >
> > Axis2 also has CORBA bindings using Yoko. I wonder whether there's a
> > way to look at unifying that work to avoid whatever duplication
> > possible. Axis2 has a pretty complete binding and we're working on
> > client bindings as well (currently the work is mostly to Web service
> > enable a CORBA object).
> >
> > DanK- are you the one who's working on that part in CXF? Can you
> > point us to the binding code?
> >
> > The Axis2 work is here:
> >
> >/corba/
> >
> > Sanjiva.
> >
> > Jim Jagielski wrote:
> >> On Nov 15, 2007, at 9:41 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> >>> I believe the easiest way to proceed is to draft a proposal that
> >>> we will send to both Apache Geronimo and Apache CXF.  Apache CXF
> >>> is still in incubation so I'm not sure if there are any specific
> >>> issues with doing this while they are incubating.  I'm copying the
> >>> Incubator PMC for their input on this proposal to make sure we
> >>> have all the i's dotted and t's crossed.
> >>
> >> ...
> >>
> >>> The remainder of the modules in Yoko are part of the webservices
> >>> support and are independent of the underlying ORB implementation.
> >>>
> >>> api -- interface classes used for the web services support.
> >>> bindings -- code to implement the CORBA-Web services bindings.
> >>> tools -- tools for generation WSDL and IDL for the bindings
> >>> maven-plugin -- some maven plugins that can use the tools for
> >>> generating binding-related build artifacts.  None of the maven-
> >>> plugin code is used by the ORB.
> >>>
> >>> There is also a distribution directory with some sample
> >>> applications.  One set of samples demonstrates using the core ORB,
> >>> the other set is for WebServices.  We recommend that the
> >>> distribution directory should move to Apache CXF as the
> >>> webservices examples use the orb samples to bind them as web
> >>> services.  Since Apache Geronimo's only use of CORBA is for
> >>> exporting EJBs, these samples are not particularly valuable for
> >>> Geronimo.
> >>>
> >>> The Yoko community did not have any committers that expressed an
> >>> interest in continuing work on these bindings.  As such, only the
> >>> code would be moving to apache CXF.
> >>
> >> Dan Kulp and I talked a bit yesterday (at least, I *think* it
> >> was yesterday)... with my CXF Mentor hat on, I think this makes a
> >> lot of sense, not only for the CXF code and functional aspects, but
> >> also as a potential mechanism to bring in additional developers for
> >> the podling.
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