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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Significant changes to Aegis API
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 21:42:19 GMT
Goaded by Dan D, I went and refactored Aegis in the direction of having
a package like JAXB and XmlBeans that could be used independently of

It's not done, but I have the code considerably closer.

However, in the process, I've incompatibly changed the API for
configuring an Aegis service. Instead of expecting various values to be
stuck into a properties of endpoints or services, the configurable items
really are just (Spring-configurable) properties of objects.

In practical terms, instead of throwing property maps into factories, an
app would want to explicitly create an AegisContext, put it into an
AegisDatabinding, and put that into a service factory.

If this really upsets people, I can, I suppose, graft a compatibility
scheme back into the Databinding object which looks for properties and,
if present, uses them to initialize.

I guess I'll do this unless I hear voices opposed.

The doc is another question; I can always add boxes to the doc that say
'2.0.x versus 2.1'.

My efforts in the process to really understand the use of the 'encoding
URIs' remain disappointing. Some places they really are encoding URIs.
Some places they are service target namespaces. And one place it has to
the the special URL usually associated with the XSD prefix, or the WSDLs
that come out of Aegis come out completely wrong.

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