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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Proposal to slim down Aegis
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2007 20:28:55 GMT
OK, well, I hadn't considered the idea of preserving Aegis as an
XML-bean-like item outside of CXF. Last night's work will have to be
somewhat rewound in that case.

My revised approach would be to stop having the data binding and the
context communicate through properties of the service. The relationship
between a databinding and a context would be parallel to that in JAXB.

As with JAXB, my revised vision would be that a CXF user could do what
they needed to do using the AegisDatabinding object in just about all

On the type mapping front, let me try to state all my confusion in one
place. I don't think that eliminating delegation is a good idea.

Let's center the discussion on a Context (which I'd propose, in passing,
to rename to AegisContext). So, I create a context. It makes a type
mapping registry. Unless told otherwise, it makes a default mapping
object for the default type mappings.

Now, how many other mappings should it have, and for what reasons? 

Here is a straw proposal: by default, there is one other mapping
created, and it collects all the mappings of all the classes that are
presented to the context for marshaling or unmarshaling. That mapping
does have an encoding URI. When the XMLTypeCreator looks at a .aegis.xml
file, it uses that encoding URI to decide which, if any, of the mappings
in the file to use.

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