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From "Benson Margulies" <>
Subject RE: Re: Anybody want an XMLHttpRequest
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 23:20:31 GMT

It currently occupies one .java file and uses no CXF stuff at all (Well, actually, it has
one statement for logging that uses a CXF class. Easily changed.) So making it usable is just
a matter of JAR-if-ication.

The other caveat is that I completely punted on 'user' and 'password'. 

I have a feeling that it would be hard to get a consensus from the cxf-dev list with Dan Kulp
on vacation this week, and I don't feel comfortable splitting this out into a JAR on my own
recognizance. So I'd like to hold this thought until some others chime in.

If you look at the source at this instant, you will see a comment threatening to add a bunch
of CXF dependencies for the CXF local transport as an additional protocol. My current thinking
is to flush the comment and only add those dependencies to a subclass if I ever get there,
so don't let \that/ bother you.

This sort of cries out (squeaks softly?) for an Apache 'commons-rhino' where we could all
dump handy Rhino extensions. As (a) CXF is still in the incubator, and (b) I'm a rather new
committer, I wouldn't know how to inquire after the practicality of that.


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> Hi Benson.
> Benson Margulies, on
> > I've implemented an XMLHttpRequest for Rhino following 
> > as part of Apache CXF. 
> I suppose 
> > that the Rhino project could decide to pick it up and 
> incorporate it 
> > directly.
> I started to write an implementation of XMLHttpRequest for 
> Batik, but never got around to completely finishing it and 
> checking it in:
> but if you have a complete implementation, I’d like to use 
> that.  Is it possible for your XHR implementation from CXF to 
> be released in a modular form, such that Batik could pick up 
> a jar including it, without any extra stuff from CXF that 
> isn’t required?
> Thanks,
> Cameron
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