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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Migrate Project Yoko from Incubator to Geronimo / CXF
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2007 23:23:35 GMT
Just to make sure I understand this correctly, when you mean "corba
binding", you mean another transport, just like HTTP or JMS, correct?


Am Freitag, den 30.11.2007, 16:27 -0500 schrieb Daniel Kulp:
> I just want to go on record as saying I COMPLETELY support this and think 
> the CXF parts of this makes a lot of sense for the CXF project.   I've 
> always felt the binding parts of Yoko should have been done in CXF to 
> start off with.   
> For those that aren't familliar with it, the yoko ws binding stuff 
> described in the proposal provides some tooling and a corba binding for 
> CXF.   It allows a CXF client (like a JAX-WS/JAXB client, but should 
> work with the other frontends) to talk to CORBA servers or for a CXF 
> server to be exposed as a CORBA server so other CORBA apps can talk to 
> it.
> Anyway, Matt wants a vote to accept the proposal or not, but I'd like to 
> leave this open for discussion for a couple days first as I'd like to 
> hear others thoughts about it.
> Dan

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