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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: SOAP over JMS Questions
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 18:03:26 GMT
Am Sonntag, den 04.11.2007, 11:22 +0100 schrieb Christian Schneider:

> >
> > I mention this second point also because I think Dan K. said he would
> > like us to have the option of using the Spring JMS abstraction[3] for
> > configuration--which sounds good but maintaining three separate
> > configuration methods appears overly burdensome.  I wonder if
> > WSDL-configuration of SOAP over JMS should be deprecated then.  FWIW,
> > Axis2 does not do JMS configuration in the WSDL[4].  Metro does a little
> > bit[5], but just trivially in the soap:address section of the
> > wsdl:service section.
> >   
> We should not completely drop the address support in wsdls. 

To clarify what I had written, yes, I agree with you--I don't see a
problem with soap:address giving JMS (identification)-- it seems even
ideal that way, with additional configuration being in a cxf-jms.xml or
whatever while (similar to cxf-servlet).  My general concern was whether
we are allowing too much configuration beyond that to be specified in
the WSDL.

> Instead I 
> think it would be great to support the upcoming standard for soap/jms 
> WSDLs. The only thing I donĀ“t like about it is that it is java centric. 
> It would be better to have a standard for soap / messaging.

Nothing much seems to have come of this though over the past year, as if
there isn't as much demand.  Perhaps to some extent the reasons may be
that WS-Reliable Messaging takes away a lot of the need for JMS and/or 
if you're using JMS already, the SOAP protocol is less necessary or a
suboptimal message format.  But I'm still quite the newbie on this

(Thanks Willem and Ulhas also for your responses as well.)


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