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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject SOAP over JMS Questions
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2007 22:46:39 GMT

A couple of questions on our SOAP over JMS implementation:

1.)  What must the name be of the configuration file for JMS
configuration?  Where must it be located?  AFAICT our wiki page[1] isn't
saying.  [2] seems to indicate that it's called either jms.xml (first
paragraph) or cxf.xml (title of first source code box), but I don't know
if that is just Christian's choice there--i.e., it can actually be named

2.)  Is there a reason why we allow configuration in the WSDL[1] in
addition to the configuration file?  I think configuration file alone is
good (just like it is for SOAP over HTTP).  Some of the properties that
would go in the WSDL, such as connectionUserName and connectionPassword,
don't seem appropriate for a WSDL--a WSDL, after all, is meant to be
read by lots of people.

I mention this second point also because I think Dan K. said he would
like us to have the option of using the Spring JMS abstraction[3] for
configuration--which sounds good but maintaining three separate
configuration methods appears overly burdensome.  I wonder if
WSDL-configuration of SOAP over JMS should be deprecated then.  FWIW,
Axis2 does not do JMS configuration in the WSDL[4].  Metro does a little
bit[5], but just trivially in the soap:address section of the
wsdl:service section.



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