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From "Benson Margulies" <>
Subject The deeper mysteries of XSD and JAXB
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 19:33:46 GMT
I'm beginning to actually run JavaScript generation code on real schemas
inside CXF. In particular, I'm using the 'one of everything' type test
that we use with JAXB.

It isn't taking me long to run into things that I don't understand.

Example 1: org.apache.type_test.types3.OccuringStruct.

The first child of the complex type for this item is an XmlSchemaChoice!

That's not what the Javadoc in OcurringStruct tells me to expect.

Aside from hoping for some assistance with this instance of trouble and
distress, I was wondering if someone could propose an orderly process
here for me to post up questions like this and people who understand
these things to answer them when they get around to it. Like, maybe, a
wiki page?

Also, what sort of error reporting makes sense insofar as the first
version of the Javascript generator will never, ever, handle all these
weird cases?

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