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From "Benson Margulies" <>
Subject Namespaces and Javascript and JAXB
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 02:16:46 GMT
Microsoft remains in the tin age when it comes to the DOM API in the
browser. No namespace functions.

The javascript client code I'm going to start pushing into CXF (finally)
dom-parses the messages. 

In NS-aware parsers, all is well.

In our original implementation of the javascript generator, we made IE
clients work by assuming that the prefixes in the WSDL were dependable:
if the WSDL said that a certain namespace of a certain schema had a
certain prefix, that we would see that prefix on the wire.

Sadly, JAXB throws a big fat rock at this as things are. If you use
@XmlNs annotations to specify prefixes, they are effective in changing
the WSDL, but not the wire protocol. You get 'ns1'. Is this a bug in the
JAXB implementation? 

There is a JAXB marshaller property that allows control of prefixes on
the wire. 

We / I could implement some stunt that inspected for @XmlNs annotations
and used the results to run the marshaller. 

Or, I could concentrate on a stronger crock on the javascript side that
interpreted prefixes and, essentially, added getElementsByTagNS in spite
of Microsoft.

The later approach would manufacture clients that could work with other
namespace-creative servers, at the code of more complexity and time in
the Javascript. Though not necessarily a ton.

Anyone else care to be caught with an opinion?

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