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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: Delaying 2.0.3 a few days....
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 15:11:52 GMT
Great, I hope the fix of CXF-1137 
<> CXF-1153 
<>  CXF-1154 
<> and  
Can go into the cxf 2.0.3 as well ;)
I'm going to by default enable some wsdl validation during the 
wsdl2java, but need to fix a few bad wsdls in our tests, and the bugs in 
the validator itself as well.

Almost done, will commit tomorrow.


> I hope no one will seriously mind, but I'm going to delay doing the 2.0.3 
> builds until next Monday. (Nov 5)   
> There's a few reasons:
> 1) As of today (one day before the release was supposed to be built), I 
> have yet to have a clean JAX-WS TCK run.   Jim's fixes this morning 
> should have fixed the last issue, but it will take a few hours to 
> verify.   
> 2) Because a couple of us were looking into issues from (1), we haven't 
> had the time to address some of the other issues that have popped up.
> 3) A bunch more JIRA's were logged in the last few days that would be 
> good to look at and see if any are easy to get into 2.0.3.
> Mostly, I'm a bit uncomfortable with the fact that we're doing fairly 
> significant changes to the code to get the TCK passing.   I really would 
> prefer the code to "bake" a few days before doing the release build.  
> I'll be putting new snapshots up today for folks to look at.   
> Anyway, if you have some issues that need to be address for 2.0.3, you 
> have an extra couple days.    :-)

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