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From Jeff Yu <>
Subject Re: Suggestion for new Main Wiki page for documentation
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 06:51:39 GMT
Hi, Chris

See my comments inline


Christian Schneider wrote:
> Thanks for the comment.
> Jeff Yu schrieb:
>> Hi, Christian
>> I like the new structure mostly, below are some my comments:
>> 1. I'd like to have full levels in the TOC, so people can see all the 
>> stuff or even can use search functionality in the index page. for 
>> example:
> This is of course possible. But in this case we should rely on the 
> children macro with unlimited depth below the main topics. So we know 
> the main page keeps in sync with the content.
> The problem is that the page will grow extremly. For soemone who wants 
> to search something we can add a search button. I will show an example.
> The main problem I see with displaying all pages is that a human being 
> can only comfortable work with up to about 10 elements per level. If 
> you show all it will be quite confusing.
> Another possible solution would be to offer a second sitemap page that 
> is completely automatic. I will also post a sample. The problem with a 
> fully automated page is that you do not have much influence on the 
> ordering.

I mean 3 levels at this case, not the unlimited depth. If users add a 
new page, and want to be shown in the index page, they need to add it to 
index manually.

>> Frontends
>>    * JAX-WS Frontend
>>      <>
>>    * Simple Frontend
>> <>
>>    * Dynamic Clients
>> <>
> Agreed.
>> 2. MTOM attachment and JSON Support do not belong to databinding.
> Where could we put these? I think they should not be on the top level 
> but I also knew that databinding was probably not right.
Maybe we can put the "JSON support" into the Restulf Service node... 
people use json, most of them are using restful service, I think.

>> 3. It seems it is missing the wsdl binding part in the new index page.
> I put it to the WS-* support. Also knowing that this is perhaps not 
> right. Should I put it back to the top?

I think put it back to top is better, since it is not belonged to ws-* 

>> Thanks
>> Jeff
> Best regards
> Christian

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