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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Using verbs other than GET from a RESTful client application
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2007 21:10:20 GMT

Seems it may not have been finished? Looking at the ClientTest I don't 
see tests for PUT/POST which is odd. Could've sworn I tested it at some 
point, but guess I was wrong? I will have to add it to my list to fix 

- Dan

Glynn, Eoghan wrote:
> Folks,
> Does CXF support usage of verbs other than GET from a RESTful client
> application? (taking the HTTP binding approach as opposed to JAX-WS
> Provider/Dispatch)
> Or more specifically, does the CXF HTTP binding support injection into
> parameterized URIs and payload construction for POST, PUT & DELETE?
> I notice that the RestClientServerBookTest only excercies
> BookService.get{Book|Books|AnotherBook}, but not
> BookService.{update|add|delete}Book.
> Similarly the restful_http_binding demo only calls GET-based operations
> from the programmatic client, and relies on the wget utility to drive
> the POST, PUT & DELETE-based operations.
> Calling for example Customer.updateCustomer() from the client code
> results in a broken target URI (just "/xml" as opposed to
> "/xml/customers/123") and an empty request body.
> Does anyone know if this is a known restriction of the HTTP binding
> (that the demo and system have carefully side-stepped), or just a bug,
> or would it be expected to work?
> I know there's a separate problem with DELETE
> ( HTTP method DELETE doesn't support output),
> but I would have expected POST and PUT to work from client code.
> Cheers,
> Eoghan
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Dan Diephouse
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