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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Was there a plan for more aegis?
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 03:08:42 GMT
Benson Margulies wrote:
> Dan,
> Would you be so kind as to explain exactly what happens as a result of
> that AegisServiceConfiguration? Or did you mean that we should keep it
> so that XFire-derived configurations that use it continue to work
> without having to take out reference to it?
It creates namespaces in the wsdl that do not end with a "/". 
DefaultServiceConfiguration adhere's to the JAX-WS standard where that 
does happen.
> Meanwhile, I was reading the insides of Aegis today. I note some stuff
> that isn't documented, I think ( uri='xxxxx' to control the soap
> binding?). 
Yeah not everything is doc'd for sure. You may find the Aegis section of 
the XFire user's guide helpful as well:

The uri="foo" stuff just allows you to use the same type mapping xml 
file for multiple services and different mappings if I recall correctly.
> Is the doc in svn?
Nope. Just the source and the docs on the wikis.

- Dan

Dan Diephouse
MuleSource |

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