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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: Systests build problem
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 07:02:46 GMT
Hi Sergey,

I struggled a day, and still can not figure out how to solve it, I've 
upgraded to mvn 2.0.7, but still can not solve the problem.

In systests, if you print the classpath, you will find the jar 
cxf-rt-bindings-soap-2.1-incubator-SNAPSHOT.jar  is in your classpath,

However, if you build from the top level, in the classpath it include 
the C:\src\java\apache\cxf\rt\bindings\soap\target\classes

And for some unknown reason, the code-gen plugin just can not load the 
soap binding even though you defined the soap in the dependencies, very 

I felt that this's a bug in maven.

There's one solution to solve this problem, that's define the soap 
binding in the code-gen plugin,
but then we'll have the cyclic dependencies:  
To solve the cyclic dependency, we have to move the tests to systests 
module, or create a new test module...

Any good suggestions?


> If you build from top level, you'll not have the problem,  the maven 
> code-gen plugin , just can not load the soap module,
> I'll take look at it tomorrow, maybe disable the test, and will 
> re-enable it later, if we resolve the dependencies.
> Cheers,
> James
>> Hi
>> I can not build CXF on Windows. The failure occurs in the systests 
>> module :
>> orderPizza(
>> OrderPizzaType, in 
>> org.apache.cxf.
>> pizza.Pizza cannot be applied to 
>> (
>> trunk/systests have a generated folder where 
>> is located, it has a method :
>> orderPizza(,

>> here's code in the :
>> OrderPizzaResponseType res = port.orderPizza(req);
>> System.out.println(res);
>> //OrderPizzaResponseType res =  port.orderPizza(req, header);
>> //assertEquals(208, res.getMinutesUntilReady());
>> The test is basically disabled and it also doesn't compile. 
>> Uncommenting the above two lines makes the test compile and pass. Not 
>> sure what the story with test is, but as far as the compliation is 
>> concerned I reckon I'm picking up some stale module which affects the 
>> wsdl generation ?
>> can someone please advise on how to deal with issues like this one ? 
>> I've removed a cxf directory in the local repo, created a new 
>> snapshot, no luck....
>> Thanks, Sergey
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