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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: 2.1 thoughts......
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 16:48:25 GMT
I'd love to see AtomPub support as a new kinda front end / binding.

I've had brief conversations in bars in various coutries in the past
with DanD about this - previously we looked at some annotations to
expose RESTful resources using individual annotations on operations;
to bind a specific method/property to a URI etc.

Am wondering if an AtomPub binding could be simpler and a little
cleverer; as AtomPub automatically understands collections &
navigations through types together with the basic operations. e.g.
relationships, collections, add/remove/update semantics etc.

Another thing I'd like to see is some tooling/maven plugins/whatever
so folks can do contract first development, but instead of having to
edit WSDL, they could just edit RelaxNG Compact Syntax to define the
structure of messages; which then could auto-generate the XSD / WSDL.
Or even supply some example XML documents - which by using Trang could
then generate the XSD/WSDL. For more background see...

On 8/7/07, Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
> With 2.0.1 almost out the door (getting votes when everyone is on
> vacation sucks), I'd like to take a minute to think about what should go
> into 2.1.   We've tossed around a bunch of ideas and I'd like to get
> them written down.   I'll probably start a "wish list" wiki page once
> the ideas get flowing, but for now, here's my list of stuff I've seen
> floating around:
> 1) JAX-WS 2.1/JAXB 2.1 - this is a fairly large amount of work as there
> are  some very significant changes that will involve code generation
> changes, java -> wsdl  changes, runtime support changes, etc....
> 2) Data bindings - XmlBeans and JIBX have been on the list for a while
> and I'm sure more XFire folks could find CXF more useful if we got those
> working.    There are two parts: runtime and tooling.
> 3) JavaScript stuff - the javascript frontend needs some refactoring to
> allow calling other services with it, make it not dependent on the jaxws
> frontend, etc....   Also the js donation from Basis Tech would be great
> to get wired in.   (if we can get the grant set, too many people on
> vacation)
> 4) Rest stuff - all the buzzword compatible stuff.   :-)
> 5) WS-* specs - do we have time to tackle any more of these at this
> point?   Which ones should we prioritize?
> 6) OSGI bundling - I think adding simple OSGI manifests for our jars
> would be fairly easy.    However, should we create some "bundles" to
> represent common functionality?  (like JAX-WS/SOAP/HTTP bundle)
> I hate to ask for more ideas as that alone is a TON of work, but at this
> point, let's get the ideas flowing.   :-)
> --
> J. Daniel Kulp
> Principal Engineer
> P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194


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