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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Graduating.....
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 16:56:06 GMT
I think we are there.  This community seems very healthy to me.  The
lists are active, you have decent representation, and the inter-project
communication with other Apache projects is excellent.  I would love to
see CXF graduated.


Daniel Kulp wrote:
> In the July board report (see, 
> one of the comments presented directly in the summary was:
> "CXF should probably be starting to push for graduation, too, except for 
> diversity being a concern"
> Since the IPMC seems to think we're getting close, I definitely think we 
> should start seriously talking about it.
> My thoughts:
> In the last year, the CXF community has made huge milestones towards 
> acting like an Apache Community and following Apache guidelines.    
> We've successfully released two milestone releases and one full release, 
> and a patch release is pending.   In all cases, we've done as much as 
> possible of the work design work on this list, in the JIRA, and on the 
> Wiki.   
> We've tried hard to to respond to our users to make them successful with 
> CXF.   Several of them have submitted back patches and we've received a 
> TON of good suggestions and reports.   2.0.1 is a testament to how well 
> we were able to do that.
> The main concern, of course, is diversity.   There are a bunch of IONA 
> folks, however, we do meet the criteria of 3 or more independent 
> commiters with IBM represented, obviously Envoi Solutions,  a couple of 
> independents.   We also have a couple folks that have been submitting 
> patches and are getting "close".       That all said, despite having a 
> lot of IONA folks, I think we've done a good job keeping the development 
> open and in the community.   That's the more important thing.
> Anyway, how do the rest of you feel?    Are we there?

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