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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Graduating.....
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 14:54:33 GMT
OK, I'm back and looking at this issue now...


Am Donnerstag, den 09.08.2007, 10:45 -0400 schrieb Daniel Kulp:
> Glen,
> On Wednesday 08 August 2007 21:19, Glen Mazza wrote:
> > Am Dienstag, den 07.08.2007, 21:49 -0400 schrieb Daniel Kulp:
> > > So, the question becomes: what can we do to help others get more
> > > involved in the CXF code?   That question is open to the
> > > non-commiters as well. What can we do to help you?
> >
> > Personally speaking, I would very much like to move beyond my usual
> > grammar checking and coding suggestions.  If people know of simpler
> > tasks that are rather independent of other people's work, things I can
> > do to start moving up the next few steps, emailing me privately or on
> > this list would be appreciated.  I plan on spending more time looking
> > at the JIRA's myself next week.
> Just a thought, but CXF-884, while not "trivial", is not very hard 
> either.   The runtime itself already supports it, it's just a matter of 
> wiring it into the spring config and there should be a bunch of examples 
> of that.
> Basically, in the ReflectionServiceFactoryBean (simple frontend), line 
> 500, the method:
>     protected boolean qualifyWrapperSchema() {
>         return true;
>     }
> and the over-ridden method in the JaxWsServiceFactoryBean would need to 
> be changed from return the hardcoded true/false to pulling info from the 
> configs.    A svn log on the jaxws.xsd whould probably yield a couple 
> past commits that showed how to add config entries.   One of those could 
> be used as a model.   (this should be added to the "simple.xsd" 
> processing as well)    
> The next step, once that is working, would be to add a "-qualified=true" 
> flag to the java2wsdl tool.    :-)
> Anyway, just throwing that out as an idea if you're interested.   The 
> fact that the JAX-WS TCK pretty much requires we use unqualified schemas 
> really kind of sucks.  I'm not sure if that interests you or not.
> Once we switch to working on JAX-WS 2.1, more stuff should pop up as 
> well.   Theres a bunch of commented out methods in the jaxws frontend 
> that will need implementations for 2.1.      (grep JAX-WS 2.1)   Even 
> going through the 2.1 changelog and grabbing anything there is a start.

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