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From "Glynn, Eoghan" <>
Subject Issue with the MultipleEndpointObserver
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 16:23:46 GMT


We've run into a issue whereby a fault thrown from an implementor is
just being dropped on the floor, and an empty HTTP response returned to
the client.

After digging into it, it turns out that the problem is in the
MultipleEndpointObserver. Unlike the single-endpoint
ChainInitiationObserver, the MEO does not call setFaultObserver() on the
in-interceptor-chain. As a result, predictably, when an exception is
thrown from any interceptor in the in-chain, there's no fault observer
available to dispatch a fault response, so the fault is just lost.

In my case, the fault-throwing interceptor is the
ServiceInvokerInterceptor, but I guess the same issue would impact on
any other interceptor in the server-side in-chain.

I guess the reason for this over-sight is that within MOE.onMessage()
its not yet clear which of the multiple endpoints maintained by the MOE
should provide the fault observer to set on the in-chain.

The obvious fix is to call setFaultObserver() on the
in-interceptor-chain in
AbstractEndpointSelectionInterceptor.handleMessage(). However, my
concern is that there's still a window into the dispatch before the
endpoint selector interceptor is traversed ... e.g. the
AttachmentInInterceptor, StaxInInterceptor, ReadHeadersInterceptor ...
So rather than closing off a big gaping hole, I've just tightened it up
to a small non-gaping hole :)



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