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From "Liu, Jervis" <>
Subject RE: Why as a namespace?
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 08:18:44 GMT
Hi Glen, the ( is not a retailer :-). XSume was a place (seems
that the website is down?) that holds several java packaging and CPI (Continuous Product Integration)
tools, which were written by some IONA and ex-IONA employees. XSume Toolspec is a java utility
that parses and validates command line input based on a XML-format file - tool specification.
An example of tool specification can be found from trunk\tools\javato\core\src\main\java\org\apache\cxf\tools\java2wsdl\java2wsdl.xml.
I am sure you will appreciate how much XSume Toolspec can help you out from tedious and frangible
java codes like "if args[0].equals("-wsdl") then wsdlLocation = args[1]; ". This toolspec
stuff also supports regular expression, this way you can easily add one line into your XML
tool spec file to make your -wsdl option for example, only accepts certain characters. XSume
Toolspec was open-sourced to CXF back to one or two years ago.  Technically it would be no
problem to replace XSume namespace with some Apache namespaces as this tool spec stuff is
self-contained all codes are located in CXF and has no dependency on But on the
other hand, using xsume namespace would be a good way to remember contributions have been
made by this small but powerful tool, otherwise how we can get people like you start asking?


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From: Glen Mazza []
Sent: 2007?7?28? 20:01
Subject: Why as a namespace?

When doing a search on "" from the trunk directory of CXF,
it is showing up in approximately 25 places--mostly used in namespaces
for the xml files related to the build tools.  But this URL just points
to some online retailer, I don't see its relation to CXF. 

For example, in trunk/tools/java2/.../java2wsdl.xml:

<toolspec xmlns:xsi=""

Googling isn't showing anyone else using this namespace.  Should we be
switching this URL to an Apache one (I think so)?


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