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From Jim Ma <>
Subject Re: Code first tool proposal
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 03:05:05 GMT
Hi Dan ,
> However, think about it in the opposite direction....   For java2wsdl to 
> support the other frontends/databindings, all the flags on java2cs 
> except for -client and -server need to be added to java2wsdl.   Thus, 
> java2wsdl pretty much already ends up with almost all the flags.   Plus, 
> a bunch of work would be needed to get java2wsdl to actually support 
> those frontend/databinding.    Since MOST of the flags are the same, it 
> probably makes sense to just combine the two.
> The other reason is that some of the stuff java2wsdl does doesn't 
> really "make sense" from the name.   It generates wrapper objects, fault 
> bean objects, etc... that are required for JAX-WS spec compliance.   
> (but we don't actually need anymore)  That stuff would be better served 
> with a "-jaxws-wrappers" flag or similar on a generic java2 tool.
If user use simple frontend , we do not need to  provide "-wrappers" or  
"-classdir"  flag for it . Also current wrapper objects is jaxb featured 
we also need to check if the databinding is jaxb.  IMHO, this may cause 
some complexity for user to use this tool . Can we provide two generic 
tool ,
 one for jaxws frontend and one for simple frontend ?



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