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From Jim Ma <>
Subject Re: Code first tool proposal
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 03:53:27 GMT
Hi Johnson,

Thank you for your great suggestions.

Johnson Ma wrote:
> flag is indicated to generate server mainline. If user start from sei 
> interface, it is better to have a -impl flag to generate dummy impl 
> class as well.
Since the server mainline need this class to start , I think the impl 
class can be generated by default. 
> *output location.
> Should be able the pass output locations for generated class and wsdl.
Agreed . Will add this flag.
> *endpoint address.
> For the pojo input, it would be better to have a optional flag for the 
> endpoint address. Otherwise, user needs to manually modify the 
> generated code according to their needs.
Agreed. Will provide this flag.
> *vendor specific code
> For simple front-end case, I notice that the generated server code is 
> calling cxf classes.
> Since both jax-ws and simple front-end has same input indeed (endpoint 
> address and impl class), is it possible to generate same code to hide 
> the complexity from end user.
> Let's say, in the endpoint.publish, if this is no jax-ws annotations 
> on the imp class, you will know it is simple front-end, the setup the 
> simple front-end stuff internally.
Endpoint.publish() is the jaxws frontend api to publish a service .In* 
*my opinion, simple frontend does not need to use jaxws specified api. 
It is another frontend and
 it can handle the case that jaxws frontend can not handle, so it uses 
the cxf classes to start server and call a service . .I do not plan to 
mix this two frontend to use same api to
publish or call a service.




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