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From Jim Ma <>
Subject Re: Code first tool proposal
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 04:10:38 GMT

Thank you for your thoughts and insights .
> IMHO, the java2wsdl does support the jaxws, and simple frontend, but 
> it's only generate the wsdl, is it the duplicate function in the java2cs,
> Or is it possible to extend the java2wsdl (we need to find a better 
> name for it)
> Or java2cs will call into the java2wsdl to generate the wsdl files, 
> and associate the artifacts (like the beans/binding files in case of 
> jaxws)
Agreed . I do not plan to rewrite these function that java2wsdl and 
wsdl2java can provided .  Java2cs tool can internally invoke java2wsdl 
and wsdl2java
to generate client ,server wsdl for jaxws frontend .

> And the java2cs should also generate the configuration files, right? 
> (spring, servlet etc.), and also we need have the ant tasks, so 
> generating artifacts, and then compile, deploy, all in one command.
Great idea!   I will add three options for java2cs :



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