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From James Mao <>
Subject mvn install in the distribution
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 05:56:55 GMT

I found an issue on windows vista, the mvn install in the distribution 
will not generate the correct bundle jar.
I've tested on win2000 and linux, they works, so i guess it's just on 
the win vista.

And if the bundle jar corrupt, all the scripts will fail,
i can see the scripts use the manifest jar, i thought the manifest jar 
will ref the cxf jars in the module dir,
but as a matter of fact, the manifest jar depend on the bundle jar (you 
can see the first jar defined in the Meta-INF/
If that's what we mean, then the rest of the cxf jars defined in the is redundant,
  and also should not be expected to work, thus we should remove those.


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