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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject Re: Schema Locations
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 12:28:49 GMT
Dan Diephouse wrote:

> Hi Andrea,
> Just had one minor piece of feedback on your commit to change the
> Schema locations. Would you be OK with changing the schema locations
> to something like:
> instead of
> While I like the symmetry between the classpath and the schema
> location, I see a couple issues:

> 1. /wsdl/ shouldn't really be in the URI for a spring schema
> 2. -conf is kind of redundant

I agree with you on the naming - it's quite awful, and there are way too 
many namespaces (but that's another issue).
For now,  I would like to use URIs that can a) be derived very simply 
from other information that we have (i.e. their actual location in the 
trunk) and b) where the underlying  schema can potentially be made 
available on the web. See wiki page I started 
on that, and on which I want to complete the table.
If someone wants to change the URI for one schema, name and  location of 
the schema should be changed at the same time to avoid confusion - after 
all the latter is the least work. The real pain is in updating 
references in schemaLocation attributes, not just on cfg files but in 
other schemas and catalog files as well.

> 3. I think it might be good to have the version # as we previously
> discussed in the location. Lets say we change the namespace in our
> schema for 2.1, then we effectively need to host two schemas at the
> same location with the current location URI.

What about redirecton as I suggested in an earlier mail?
"For reasons outlined below I tend towards not using a version number in 
the URI, but instead adopt the convention that contains the schemas for version x.y 
and that directs to the current version. "

Unless we maintain versions of schemas, bean definition parsers etc. in 
one product version, and IMO this is a real pain, many cfg files become 
unnecessarily invalid.


> Thoughts?
> - Dan

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