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From "Johnson, Eric" <>
Subject Newby REST question
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 22:49:50 GMT
I've got a class:
package com.acme.customer;
public interface WidgetCatalog
  Widgets getWidgets();
  Widget getWidget(long id);
  void addWidget(Widget widget);
  void updateWidget(Widget w);
  int removeWidgets(String type, int num);
  void deleteWidget(Widget widget);

That I want to get working using the convention based REST stuff, so I
publish it like this:

       JaxWsServerFactoryBean sf = new JaxWsServerFactoryBean();
        WidgetCatalogImpl bs = new WidgetCatalogImpl();
        sf.getServiceFactory().setInvoker(new BeanInvoker(bs));

When I try to access the getWidgets() method by going to
http://localhost:9000/xml/widgets I get "Invalid URL/Verb combination.
Verb: GET Path: /widgets."

What did I do wrong? I basically copied most of the restfull_http demo
and removed the annotations.

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