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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: Celtix/CXF migration. JaxWS EndPointImpl class
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 02:07:48 GMT
Hi Florent,

I agree we should provide this overideable method for those case who can 
use object pool and the object class is  decided on the fly.

Please fill a jira and waiting for your patch.

Thanks very much


Florent BENOIT wrote:
>    Hi,
> I'm porting the EasyBeans/Celtix integration to EasyBeans/CXF 
> (exposing an EJB3 as a webservice).
> In Celtix, we had a getImplementorClass() method in the EndpointImpl 
> class.
> This is not anymore the case in CXF for 
> rt/frontend/jaxws/src/main/java/org/apache/cxf/jaxws/
> The problem is that the implementor object that is given to the 
> EndpointImpl class (in my case) has to be a class and not an instance 
> (the instance will be obtained from a pool by using an our own Invoker 
> on the service).
> In the EndpointImpl class, there is the use of the following code:
> JaxWsImplementorInfo implInfo = new 
> JaxWsImplementorInfo(implementor.getClass());
> List<Handler> chain = 
> builder.buildHandlerChainFromClass(implementor.getClass(), endpointName);
> I wanted to know if "implementor.getClass()" could be changed into 
> getImplementorClass() method (with a protected access).
> Then, I can override this method by returning the class. For now, it 
> returns MyClass.getClass() which return java.lang.Class and this is 
> not what is wanted.
> Then, I have to copy/paste code in my own Endpoint and this is not 
> what is the better thing to do (for me :)
> Let me know if you agree on this change, I can open an issue in JIRA 
> by providing a patch.
> Best Regards,
> Florent

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