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From "Glynn, Eoghan" <>
Subject RE: In Process Dispatch [was Re: [PROPOSAL] Client and Conduit changes]
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 21:40:30 GMT

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> From: Dan Diephouse [] 
> Sent: 02 April 2007 17:41
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> Subject: Re: In Process Dispatch [was Re: [PROPOSAL] Client 
> and Conduit changes]
> If all we're trying to decide on is creating a way to avoid 
> initializing a Conduit by default, then I only have two 
> questions before adopting your
> approach:
> - Why should we have a ConduitInitiatorStrategy as opposed to 
> just setting a flag on the Conduit?

Well a flag, being boolean, gives just two options. 

A pluggable strategy on the other hand would give more flexibility to
take any number of approaches ... use a preexisting conduit, or create
one upfront in ClientImpl.invoke(), or defer creating it until the
MessageSenderInterceptor, or retrieve it via some discovery/config
mechanism, or select one of a cluster of endpoints, or any other
approach we care to dream up. 

In addition to the flexibility, the strategy approach has conceptual
benefits - its much easier to digest the logic if concentrated in a
single class as opposed to being buried in code spread across multiple
classes. Standard justification for this design pattern.

> If someone sets the flag 
> to false the MessageSenderInterceptor can always fall back 
> and init a Conduit later using the EndpointInfo.
> - Is your only objection that we may not always need the 
> specific Conduit that is inited? And that this may consume 
> resources? Or is the motivation for this approach that you 
> just don't want to use a Conduit at all. 

*Both* are motivations, depending on the use case. 

In certain scenarios, the late Conduit retrieval would allow us to avoid
needlessly creating a Conduit which would lie unused if we end up
completely by-passing the transport. 

In other scenarios, the late Conduit retrieval would allow us to ensure
the correct Conduit has been selected before initing it.

> It seems like it is mostly the later, which is what all my hubbub is

No, its definitely a multiple use-case idea.


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